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Robert Peers is a financial consultant with C2 Business Services, a company that provides support services to business owners who seek a combined approach to the legal, accounting and financial advising aspects of their businesses. Although contracted professionals (accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors) together provide vital support to business owners, they are rarely communication with each other regarding the client’s needs. C2 Provides its client’s with this much needed continuity and collaboration.  By employing support staff who work together as a team instead of individually, C2 coordinates with the client’s professionals to work together toward achieving and implementing the client’s business goals. This approach minimizes miscommunication between contract professionals and has proven results in increasing synergy and efficiency in all areas of client businesses.            Robert Peers' ideas about combining accounting, legal and financial services are a result of his eclectic interests and experiences.  He has made a living and a life out of connecting things that are not often thought of as going together. An Edmonton native who lives and works in the province of Alberta, as a young man, Robert nurtured his interests in psychology, cultural studies, and languages by pursuing a Religious Studies degree at the University of Alberta. He then spent a year studying and working in Japan, sparking a lifelong interest in both the culture and language of the country.             Following his experiences in the business world in Japan, Robert began working at a retail art gallery, which ignited his passion for business and finance. The next year, Robert founded his own art financing business, which offered financial services to art galleries throughout the Alberta area.  Continuing to branch out, Robert then embarked upon a successful finance career, which saw him working in areas ranging from business development to mergers and acquisitions. Robert has a strong passion for every aspect of financial management, but maintains a particular interest in helping smaller businesses develop the organizational and structural aspects that will help them succeed in the long-term. As a way of offering help to Canadians interested in similar business problems, Robert maintains a blog that is dedicated to the basic aspects of corporate structure, succession, finance and other key matters affecting small businesses.              Robert is an active businessman outside of his work with C2 Business Services, running several of his own financial companies, such as Hanami Management Corp and Kyoto Investment Corp. Outside of his career, Robert  enjoys a number of interests, which includes piano composition and golf. He also has a lifelong passion for cooking, and although he is not a trained chef, he maintains a blog featuring some of his favorite recipes.    

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cooking, golf, piano composition, financial management

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